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Welcome to Blacklight Incorporated's website and forum. Blacklight Incorporated is an established industrial/pve corp. We're expanding our mining, industry, pve. Convo/Mail Malcom Dax for all enquiries, or leave a reply here. Convo/Mail Malcom Dax (UK/EU timezone) for all enquiries, or leave a reply on our EVE Forum thread here. Or Follow the instructions here.

About the Corp:
- Established corp
- Experienced leadership
- Friendly, relaxed atmosphere
- UK, EU and US members
- No SP minimum
- Moving to null-sec

We offer:
- Orca supported mining ops
- Mission ops
- Alliance ops (pvp and L5 missions)
- Profit sharing scheme
- Ore/Mineral/Datacore/Stuff-we-need purchase scheme
- Forum / Website
- Voice comms
- Various leadership/officer positions available
- High-sec research POS
- Plenty of PvP opertunity

What We're looking for in new members:
- Any profssion. PvP especially
- Active player
- Active around 1800-0000 Eve Time
- Team player
- Living in or willing to move to Minmitar space
- Sense of humour
- No trial accounts (sorry)

Our Various Websites
Blacklight Inc:

Broken Chains Alliance:

Killboard (We're not a pvp corp but we do pvp)

Corp Goals

Short Term:
Bring the membership up to 15-20 active members
Bring the manufacturing division up to 1bn ISK per week turnover or 100m ISK per week profit
Expand our regular mining fleet to at least 5 hulks and an orca (in progress)
Continue the production of Minmatar combat ships (done)
High-sec Research POS (done)

Medium Term:
Start to run ops in low and null security space (In progress)
Bring the manufacturing division up to 2.5bn ISK per week turnover or 250m ISK per week profit
Begin the production of T2 ships (done)
Start PI in 0.0

Long Term:
Large POS in 0.0
Continue the expansion of the manufacturing division
Continue the production of T2 ships
Develop an in-house R&D division to prosuce T2 bpc
Blacklight News    

Relocation to the Island

MalcomDax, May 27, 11 1:03 PM.
Blacklight Inc. is going to be relocating to 'The Island' (Horaka, Eldulf and adjoining high-sec systems). For any help moving give Dax, Fin or Rose a shout.

Blacklight Inc Joins Minmatar Militia

MalcomDax, Aug 7, 10 7:25 AM.
As of yesterday, Blacklight is officially fighting for the Minmatar Republic.

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

amore56, Jun 22, 10 5:43 PM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
So-and-so has logged on!